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Meg woke, she sat up and was aching all over, she realized she had been sleeping on a rock, next to a river. She looked down at her feet and a smile appeared on her lips, "Well would you look at that, I got my legs back!" 
((I'm so sorry!!! I realized I was supposed to write this like a week ago. It's been pretty busy over here. :bunnyla:  Happy Easter everybody!))
  • Mood: Delighted
  • Listening to: The river
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  • Watching: Birds flying from tree to tree
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WDisneyRP-Megara's Profile Picture
Aliases: Meg, Nut-meg

Age: Around 18 years old

Alignment: Good, but currently working for the opposite.

Personality: Megara is sweet, but she does use her sassiness and sarcasm which can make her seem a bit rude. Once you get to know her, she'll come around.

Abilities: She's always that articulate.

Habits: Like I said, sassy and sarcastic.

Flaws: Again, she always uses her sarcasm to a fault.

Companion/Pet: Unfortunatly, :iconwdisneyrp-hades: and Hades's "helpers" Pain and Panic.
Allies: :iconwdisneyrp-hercules:
Enemies: :iconwdisneyrp-hades:

|| in love | crushing | hyper | excited | cheerful | happy | calm | hostile | angry | upset | mixed emotions | neutral | sleepy | nostalgic | uncomfortable | confused | sad | distraught | insecure | crying | jumpy | anxious | frightened / scared | deathly afraid | content | shy / anti-social | lonely | bewildered | hurt | overwhelmed | emotional | friendly | energetic | peaceful | cocky | blood-thirsty | lazy ||

|| perfectly fine | fine | getting better | getting worse | depression | uncontrollable bouts of rage | losing it | lost it | completely insane | psychotic | seeing things | intense paranoia | moderate paranoia | delusional | lost touch with reality | amnesia | re-living traumatic event ||

|| perfectly fine | in good shape | great | okay | getting worse | getting better | aching | burns | lost voice | wounded | hospitalized | recovering | enchanted | a bit broken ||

|| had first kiss | had first date | asked out | given / gave a love letter | flushed crush | crushing big time | crushing a little | stalker crush | yandere crush | married | single ||
Character from the movie: Stamp: Disney's Hercules by Tee-J

RPed by: :iconeccrabbits:
I also roleplay as :iconwdisneyrp-ursula: and :iconwdisneyrp-olaf: for :icondisneyrp-old-and-new:

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*walking through Greek forests alongside with Sven* Nice place, ha, Sven? But there's no place like home...
Meg was walking through the same forest, mumbling to herself when she stopped suddenly behind Kristoff and Sven.
Sven, is there someone behind us?
*makes Sven's voiceover* Yes, Kristoff, there is. *turns around*
Meg stared at him like he was crazy. She stood there speechless.
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Jenny was walking around the streets. "I-I think I'm will I ever find it from here?"
Meg was walking though Thebes, looking at all the seller's carts when she almost bumped into Jenny. "Oh I'm sorry."
"O-Oh its okay!" Said a kitten standing below her.
((Oh sorry.. I didn't know she was a cat Sweating a little... ))
Meg jumped back. Did that cat just talk?
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(Welcome to the group)

Arthur was shopping for groceries in Thebes when he ran into her
((Thanks, I'm :iconwdisneyrp-ursula: and :iconwdisneyrp-olaf: ))
She stepped back a few steps, trying to regain her balance. She stood and looked at the boy.
"Oh, um, I'm sorry"
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